My Place, My Perspective


An exciting new Saturday Activity Programme for autistic children aged 11 and upwards.

We are delighted to have been successful in getting support from the National Lottery through The Heritage Lottery Fund to develop an exciting new Saturday Activity Programme starting soon. Called My Place, My Perspective, we are partnering with Historic Environment Scotland and The Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh to deliver a three-year project that gives autistic young people a better sense of how they belong in, interact with and understand their part in our natural and built heritage.


Autistic people perceive the world differently from their neurotypical peers. The balance between the senses is often skewed in ways that result in heightened responses to particular sensory stimuli. For some this may mean a particular response to smells, for some it may be sounds or visual information, for others it may be more tactile and textural. What is important is that this different balance in sensory input results in a personal perspective of the autistic child’s surroundings which differs from that of their neurotypical peers. Rarely can either understand the other’s perspective, with the perspective from the child with autism’s side often then viewed as flawed. This feeling that ‘I’ve have got things wrong again’ feeds into a general dissociation from the world around them. This project aims to challenge that, to give value to the range of perspectives that reflect a society that values and embraces neurodiversity.


We will work with our partners to explore Edinburgh’s natural and built heritage in a structured programme of visits, activities and experiences that will give young people the chance to understand more of the what, why, where and when of the world in which they live. We want to engender in them a real feeling of being part of it, feeling that they are connected and that their perspective is not wrong, just different.

Where and When

My Place, My Perspective will run on alternate Saturdays through the year from 9:30 to 3:30 starting on 24th February 2018. The project will be based in Edinburgh with visits planned each session to the Royal Botanic Gardens or a site managed by Historic Environment Scotland.


Young people with autism aged 11 to 14 (or thereabouts) looking to be part of a daylong activity in a small group setting.

Ideally, we would like the young people to be able to attend each session and stay with the project for most, if not all of the three years. We have built in some days for family members to see what has been achieved (every six months or so) and for the young people to celebrate their connections with their heritage.

If your child would like to be considered for this project please contact the office.

Please note that one of the conditions of the support is that there will be no financial contribution required from families towards this project.