Holiday Activity Programme – Edinburgh

What is The Holiday Activity Programme?

The Holiday Activity Programme comprises of a variety of coordinated activities which combine the Society’s successful Basecamp2 and Branch Out programmes.

Basecamp2 will run during October and February, balanced by group and individual activities including visits to local attractions, cultural events, recreational and outdoor activities. During the first week of Easter young people will be encouraged to contribute to the local community through activities such as fundraising or involvement with local action groups

The second week of the Easter holidays transitions to the Branch Out segment of the programme with our partners at Scottish Outdoor Education Centres (SOEC). Young people will get to try a wide variety of outdoor activities, including rope climbs, archery, crate climbs and woodland walks led by qualified staff from LAS.

During the Summer holidays we will continue with the Branch Out programme, culminating with a residential experience, covering up to three nights Monday to Wednesday in the third week. Families are invited to visit on the last day to see what their child has achieved.

The final week will coincide with the stat of the Edinburgh Festivals. This will allow the young people to explore what the Fringe has to offer individually or in groups, supported by project staff but determined by the young people.

Who is the Holiday Activity Programme for?

The Edinburgh Holiday Activity Programme is for young people of high school age with a diagnosis of autism or with similar support needs. To get the most out of the programme we believe people will benefit from attending all or most of the weeks provided, priority will therefore be given to people who can commit to all or most of the programme.

Where is the Holiday Activity Programme held?
The programme will have a central hub location confirmed at the start of each programme week.

What is the cost?

All enquiries about the programme should be directed to our office.

How can I get my child involved?

If you are interested in Holiday Activity Programme or would like further information please contact the office on 0131 661 3834 or via email: 

Our Holiday Activity Programme is run in accordance with the Care Inspectorate and Scottish Social Services Council. You can find links to our most up to date Care Inspectorate reports here.